Positioned as the link between business and ICT, Mountaineer sets out the route, provides an overview and successfully completes projects.

Results driven projectmanagement

As an entrepreneur you will not be afraid to tackle a real challenge. Tapping into new markets and launching new products or services all make interesting projects. You will also want to implement cost savings and quality improvements expeditiously. But such projects can result in difficult matters:

  • How can you ensure that your information systems remain in sync with your operations?
  • What investments would be involved?
  • And what organisational consequences would this have?

Space for your plans

Mountaineer creates space for your plans, taking into consideration your business and your information systems. You will gain a clear understanding of the best approach in your situation. An approach that is subsequently achieved through tight project management. Engaged, decisive and results driven. 

Pulling out all the stops for a long-term result

You have a mountain that needs to be ‘climbed’ in a short time span. Your capacity is inadequate. You need an external professional to unravel what was deadlocked. If this is the case, Mountaineer is your guide. A guide who thinks along with you, particularly in terms of opportunities. Your guide pulls out all the stops to come to a structural result.

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Mountaineer will take your organisation in tow at the intersection of business and ICT. You will gain access to a wealth of experience and expertise. All available talent within your organisation will be mobilized in order to reach the ‘top’ together. The target objective will be collectively supported.

Features of the approach:

There is no standard description of Mountaineer’s approach. After all, every situation is different and calls for a customised approach. However, characteristic aspects are:

Customer intimacy: Mountaineer sees things from your perspective and the least we will do is to realize the best solution for you.

Transparent and pragmatic:  from clearly set expectations to concrete and distinct results attained efficiently and according to plan and within budget.

Results and future oriented: you can be assured of the most suitable solution both short-term and long-term. Your organisation can now continue in a focused way.

Inspiring and motivating: every project is carried out in close cooperation with your employees. Competences are optimally used and developed. This guarantees continuity.

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Tools that I like to use

Project Portfolio Management & Project Management Tool
Agile Project Management tool for software teams
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